Power Steering Service

Power Steering System Flush Service helps provide the steering response you expect from your vehicle

Dirty, neglected power steering fluid can:

  • Cause noise and increased steering effort.
  • Reduce steering effectiveness.
  • Harden seals and cause leakage, leading to wear.
  • Cause expensive repairs of power steering components.

The power steering rack can cost as much as $1,000 to replace.

Power Steering System Flush Service

Removes the old fluid from the reservoir. Vacuum flushes the entire system, remove sludge and other contaminants from the system. Refills the system with the correct manufacturer recommended fluid. Restores steering performance

  • Helps prevent sluggish steering on cold mornings.Reduces or eliminates steering noise.
  • Provides proper lubrication of power steering components.
  • Helps avoid premature, unexpected and expensive steering system failures

Service Interval recommendation

Refer to your owners manual for service intervals or ask aLube Express service technician when your vehicles manufacturer recommends this maintenance.

Service Time

15-20 Minutes