Why Outsource Your Fleet Maintenance Services?

Private companies and government fleet operations alike are under pressure to cut costs and outsource non-corebusiness functions like fleet maintenance operations. Outsourcing to realize direct cost reductions is undeniably attractive.
Fleet maintenance is not your core business functions – they’re ours. As ancillary activities to the everyday tasks of running businesses, municipalities, and county governments, let us help you realize the direct benefits of outsourcing your fleet. The benefits of outsourcing maintenance can be tied to measurable and intrinsic results:

  1. Measurable, increased efficiencies. Outsourcing your fleet maintenance provides a variety of fleet and non-fleet efficiencies. Although efficiencies will vary based on your current maintenance requirements, clients often realize reduced time spent on their fleet so they can focus on core business activities. Benefits include increased fleet availability, improved reliability, greater cash flow, and enhanced productivity.
  2. Improved company focus. Outsourcing fleet services ensures a company’s focus stays on its core business. As companies spend more time and money enhancing the quality, service, and speed of their existing in-house fleet operations, they lose sight of their core products and services. As non-core functions take precedence, efficiency, productivity and profitability decrease. With Lube Express, you achieve your fleet successes, maintain administrative control, and return your focus to your core business.
  3. Reduced fleet operating costs. Organizations that try to do everything themselves may incur higher parts costs, disposalfeesand expenses. Additionally, we purchase and manage fleet parts inventory, eliminating inventory carrying costs.
  4. Improved quality. Our quality assurance processes have been honed over decades of providing fleet maintenance. Our experience, combined with our processes, has resulted in our implementation of some of the strictest standards in the industry.Additionally, more stringent and timely maintenance improves vehicle lifecycles and reduces or eliminates the need for “spare” vehicles.
  5. Increase control. We establish a partnership with our customers. You manage us from the highest levels by telling us what you need; we maintain the daily regimen and take care of the things that need to get done.