Transfer Case Service

The transfer case is a gearbox found on most four- wheel drive vehicles which directs a portion of the power from the transmission to the front and rear wheels

The transfer case gears are submersed in gear oil to protect the moving metal surfaces from friction and wear. Normal driving subjects this fluid to high temperatures which eventually breaks down the fluid. The result is metal to metal contact and extremely high heat that eventually prevents gears from transferring the power to the car’s wheels.

Transfer Case Service:

  • Extends the life of the transfer case
  • Minimizes the effect of oxidation deterioration due to heat and high speed driving Minimizes high speed foaming of the fluid which causes lower lubrication efficiency
  • Maintains warranty requirements

Lube Express offers a drain and refill service which includes: draining old differential fluid and replacing it with the manufactures recommended gear oil.

Service Interval recommendation

Refer to your owners manual for service intervals or ask a Lube Express technician for your vehicles manufactures recommended service intervals.

Service Time

15 to 20 Minutes